The Single




Originally released on 7" vinyl in 1982, this was the only 'official' studio release from Predatür prior to 2004. Copies are extremely sought after and have been changing hands on ebay for up to £100 each.

Those who cannot afford the collectors prices on ebay fear not. There are plans to release the single re-mastered on CD in the near future, and re-recorded versions of Take A Walk and Seen You Here are both included on the new CD Album "mean".



Other Planned Releases

The Woodcray Manor Sessions from 1981 are also being re-mastered for CD featuring: Crank It Up, End Of The Road, Need Your Love, Dangerous Girl, Seen You Here, Yesterday's Gone and Over The Top.

A  'Live' Recording from Reading Top Rank 31/10/81 CD is also planned featuring: Over The Top, Crank It Up, Seen You Here, Hey Joe, It's A Drag, Dangerous Girl, Need Your Love, End Of The Road and Shadow Play.

Original Demo's of Over The Top, Cry Wolf and Hey Cindy have also surfaced.